Ad Network Releases Self-Serve Retargeting Tool

Adblade-B_1Adiant, the tech parent company to the ad network, plans to roll out a self-service retargeting tool allowing brands to pay for ads with a credit card or PayPal account.

Ash Nashed, Adiant founder and CEO, hopes the self-serve platform will help grow the company. The technology supporting the network already supports companies like Yahoo, MSNBC and hundreds of local television stations. The ads display on premium sites, retargeting consumers demonstrating an interest in specific brands and products.

The platform relies on what Nashed calls a "Newsbullet" ad, which he claims delivers conversions at three times the rate of standard ads. Brands can also upload a banner ad, generate a pixel for their Web page, and pay by credit card or PayPal.



Once the brand embeds the pixel on the Web site, Adiant begins dropping a cookie in the Web browser of site visitors, then targeting the consumer based on that cookie through

For about $50 to begin, the self-serve model supporting small companies on a CPM basis on quality publisher sites can create a branding strategy for attorneys and dentists, Nashed said.

Companies like Google and Twitter have proved the self-serve ad model can become lucrative. It's a model where advertisers control the daily budget and bidding price. They can make adjustments in an online administrator page or dashboard. Both Adblade's full and self-service versions are available without long-term contract or commitment.

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