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DirecTVDIRECTV Latin America launched a TV spot illustrating its in-depth coverage of this summer’s Olympic games. Viewers will practically feel like they’re at the Olympics. One man let his inner synchronized swimmer come alive in “Swim.” He’s the lead swimmer on an otherwise all-women’s team, and he’s doing a decent job staying in sync with the underwater moves. His facial expressions show excitement and surprise that he’s in this position, competing for Olympic gold. The spot ends with the man standing on a coffee table and removing water from his ear, with the tagline “The difference between watching and living the Olympic games.” See the ad here, created by Wing.



CokeHere comes the feel-good ad of the month. Coca-Cola Latin America launched a commercial made entirely from security camera footage. But not the footage you’re expecting. Rather than focusing on acts of violence, this footage is all about love, friendship and helping others. An uplifting, well-spent 90 seconds. As the tune “Give a Little Bit” plays, couples kiss, people dance, random acts of kindness are captured as strangers selflessly help people in need with both minor aid and help of heroic proportions. How many people would jump a convenience store robber or dart into traffic to save someone’s runaway pet? Watch “Security Camera” here, produced by Landia.

CenterforAddiction“Defeat Denial” is a great PSA for CAMH, the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health, in Toronto. The ad shows how friends, family and co-workers react to someone expressing feelings of helplessness and anxiety. Sadly, the person suffering is blown off and not taken seriously. Pals suggest a girl’s night out, a hobby, a few beers, or to stop feeling sorry for oneself, because everyone has bad days. The spot closes with a staggering statistic: “Is it any wonder why two out of three people living with mental illness suffer in silence?” Watch “Defeat Denial” here, created by DentsuBos, Toronto and produced by Holiday Films.

GoogleReturning to a more light-hearted pair of spots is Google, highlighting the various interactive content that can be accessed inside Google Docs. Ever wonder how a song gets written? Look no further than “Hall and Oates.” The pair uses Google Docs to write the lyrics for a song you might have heard: “Maneater.” Hall gets stumped when trying to describe this woman. Oates chimes in with scary lady or angry tiger as options. Hall counters with mangobbler. Could you imagine? Thankfully, Oates changes mangobbler to maneater and the rest is history. See it here. In “Wedding List,” a couple starts planning their guest list… as does one of the moms. No sooner does mom add guest names does the bride-to-be delete them. Finally, the bride-to-be revokes mom’s ability to edit and add to the guest list. See it here. Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Google Creative Lab created the spots.

BlueSkyBridgeBlue Sky Bridge, a Colorado-based victim assistance agency, launched a creepy PSA to convey that child abuse can happen anywhere, regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. The ad begins with parts from a model rocket kit strewn on a table. A man’s soothing voice describes where to buy kits for children and the joy he feels when a child launches their first model rocket. The camera pans out to reveal the pixelated face of a prisoner. “It’s not easy to identify a pedophile. You just spent 20 seconds with one,” says the prisoner. Watch it here. The man is an actual prisoner and creating the spot took one year and cooperation from the Colorado Department of Corrections. TDA_Boulder created the campaign.

TurnTurn, a cloud platform that enables marketers to accurately target the right online audience, launched a TV ad during the finale of “Mad Men.” The ad, a first for the brand, will also air during the finale of “The Pitch.” The ad has a very “Mad Men” vibe to it, taking place in an office, circa 1960. A man pours a drink for his female guest and is about to embark on an afternoon of passion, when another woman comes in, pulls out a gun, and fires. We don’t know where the bullet will land, but we do know what Turn can do: “Turn targets all the right online audiences with deadly accuracy,” the voiceover explains. “Never second-guess a decision, at least not a business decision.” Viewers are encouraged to go online and check out three alternate ending to the spot. What is this, the Go Daddy of the ‘60s? See it here, created by gyro.

BoostMobileBoost Mobile is granting wishes for affordable 4G with the help of a 4Genie, played by Faizon Love. “Fries” shows a woman complaining that her phone is old and 4G is too damn expensive. The 4Genie appears and replaces her phone with a HTC EVO Design 4G with an unlimited monthly plan for $55. For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month. See the ad here, created by 180LA.

SKittlesHere are two amusing TV spots for Skittles, created by DDB Chicago. A pair of teens talk behind the bleachers in one ad, seen here. The boy admits to his female companion that he suffers from Skittles pox. The girl takes a Skittles off his face and eats it, breaking out in them. When asked if Skittles pox was contagious, the boy replies “I don’t think so.” One teen is a hit with the ladies because his abs hold the key to unlimited Skittles. One turn of a dial and Skittles appear. When the dial gets stuck, one angry gal gets on her knees to reach inside and unclog the Skittles. Watch it here.

PunchRandom iPad App of the week: Punch! is a pop culture and politics app with a unique take on news and entertainment. The app has taken popular videos and topics and made them into games, like the Rick Santorum cutout that’s waiting to be dressed, or Alec Baldwin’s airline incident. The app, created by Walrus, is free in the App Store.

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  1. Rissa Ciociola from Roger Hodgson, June 14, 2012 at 12:09 a.m.

    Roger Hodgson wrote the song "Give a Little Bit", words that have led people all over the world together in peace and love. The song has helped the bond of humanity through the tougher times as well as helped to recognize & celebrate the love between all of us. Currently on his biggest tour in 30 years with a full band, the "Breakfast In America World Tour"! Other great songs include "Dreamer", "In Jeopardy", "Had A Dream" and many more.
    I have seen him many times in the past, and intend to see him again
    many more times.

    Come along, take my hand and come with me to the show! :)

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