'Choose Tallahassee' Focuses On Retiring Boomers

  • June 20, 2012

“Choose Tallahassee,” a group of local community and business leaders from the Florida capital city, is introducing a marketing effort intended to lure Baby Boomers looking for a place to retire.

The effort will build upon a recent study's top ranking for Tallahassee nationally as a retirement destination.

The study, conducted by the Washington Economics Group, ranked more than 20 cities on desirable characteristics in several key areas, including cost of living, climate, access to health care, and recreational amenities. Tallahassee led the list, beating such other college towns as Tuscaloosa, Richmond, Atlanta, Boston, Louisville and Pittsburgh.

Using a combination of referrals from residents, a new website, targeted advertising and a volunteer team known as the Red Carpet Committee, the effort aims to attract just a small fraction of the tide of boomers retiring over the coming 17 years.--Tanya Irwin



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