Pritchard: P&G's Mobile Strategy Is Not To Think Of Mobile As A Technology

Asked by Publicis chief Maurice Levy what Procter & Gamble’s mobile strategy is, the packaged goods giant’s marketing chief Marc Pritchard said it’s not to get too hung up on the technology, but to think of it as another way of connecting with customers.

“Our mobile strategy is very simple, it’s to follow consumers,” he said, adding, “Just like when we transitioned from TV to print to digital online that movement is going to mobile right now.”

Pritchard said the big stumbling block is for “mobile technological advances” to catch up to the point where P&G and its agencies can “create mobile experiences” that engage consumers like other mainstream media. But that won’t be long soon, and when that happens, we probably won’t be talking about mobile as a discrete media platform.

“I truly believe that all these screens are going to come together,” he said, adding, “All this stuff is going to merge and we we’re not going to talk about mobile, or TV. We will be talking about content and creativity. We’re not going to be talking about technology. And I don’t think it will be long from today.”



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