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SubaruCan your car make paint bubble, heat a puddle of water, and burn a hole through a Styrofoam cup? Neither can mine, but apparently the 2013 Subaru BRZ is that hot. “Scorched” takes place in a parking garage, where an alarm is blasting, signaling an unknown heat source. Where’s the fire that’s melting cups, boiling a puddle and bubbling paint from the walls? The answer comes when the sprinkler system activates and water hits the BRZ, creating a steam-filled garage that the smoking hot BRZ drives through. Watch it here, created by DDB Canada‘s Toronto office and directed by Radke’s Common Good.



VolvoLittle Red Riding Hood travels in style in a modern-day take on the story. A red Volvo S60 cruises through a dark forest and encounters a wolf, baring his teeth. One rev of the engine thwarts the wolf that moves out of the car’s way. The spot ends with the car’s driver, turning to talk to his daughter in the back seat, asking her what noise a wolf makes. The adorable girl, wearing a red hood, responds with a howl. Watch “Little Red” here, created by Arnold Worldwide.


SpriteThe second thing I thought when I watched “Camouflage,” a global ad for Sprite, was, it’s better not to always blend in; also, leaving your comfort zone is good. The first thing that came to mind, however, was this music video for O.K Go from 2009. In “Do what you want,” video participants, and musical instruments, are the outlandish color of the video’s wallpaper. Created by BBH New York and BBH Shanghai, the ad was filmed in the Czech Republic and used 22 actors, who were hand-painted to match their surroundings. The ad begins with a group of people who perfectly match their environment, whether it’s a tree, wall, or billboard. One teen opens his bag and drinks a bottle of Sprite. This minor action causes him to remove himself from his cookie-cutter surrounding by shedding his clothes and wiping the paint from his face. The spot ends in the middle of a crosswalk, where the guy encounters a young woman in her underwear, holding a bottle of Sprite. Watch the 60-second version of “Camouflage” here.

NYLotteryZombies are the new black -- and any fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will enjoy this ad for the New York Lottery Mega Millions game. “Zombies” launched in movie theatres on June 29.The opening scene of a desolate highway filled with nothing but trash and overturned cars reminds me of how “The Walking Dead” began. In this ad, three humans are trying to stave off zombies by hiding in a grocery store. The zombies break in, but stop to listen to a radio announcement involving a multimillion-dollar jackpot in the next Mega Millions game. The zombies quickly turn around and head for the nearest bodega that sells the game. You can’t help but laugh at the music playing in the background while the zombies try to purchase tickets: "You gave me a reason to live." See it here, created by DDB NY.

HeinekenHeineken’s latest ad in its global “Open Your World” campaign turns a dive bar into anything but. “The Switch” begins with a trio of well-dressed pals heading to a rundown dive bar. The floor is dirty, the place is almost empty and the lights are dim. On the plus side, the bar has Heineken on tap. Once the order is in, the bar transforms into a trendy, chic, underground club. The bartender trades his flannel for a tux, the bar extends, an aquarium emerges from behind the bar and the piano player is traded for a soulful band and crowded dance floor. The spot ends with a near-mechanical mishap and the poor piano player hanging by his hands underground. See it here, created by TBWA/NEBOKO and directed by Martin Krejci from Stink London. launched a brand campaign featuring a brand new tagline, “Find Yours.” A 60-second spot, “Anthem,” is made entirely of user-generated pictures and videos from travelers’ vacations. Each picture or video is coupled with the words “find your” plus a third word directly relating to each traveler’s memorable vacation. “Find your curiosity” is shown with a woman eating a scorpion on a stick, while “find your future” is placed next to a man who proposed to his girlfriend in a hot-air balloon. Watch it here, created by 180 LA.

UnderArmorUnder Armour launched a TV spot promoting its Spine running shoes using the tag line, “This is how we run.” The spot features football players Tom Brady and Cam Newton and basketball star Kemba Walker using the Spine shoes in their cross-training workouts. The ad shows that running is an integral part of any athlete’s training regimen, regardless of the sport he/she plays. Each athlete is shown doing intense cardio with strength training included. Watch it here, created by CP+B.

GatoradeIf you want to see eyes filled with focus and determination, look no further than the end shot of Usain Bolt in an ad for Gatorade chews. The spot opens with a hooded man walking alone toward a stadium. The hooded man is Bolt, and his voiceover is determined and believable. “Because of what I have inside, I will not stop until there is no competition left on the planet.” Bolt is then shown in uniform ready to destroy his competition. Watch it here, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles.

TGIFRandom iPhone App of the week: T.G.I. Friday’s launched an app that allows users to start a tab, keep track of it and pay it, right from their phones. In addition, users can share updates from their happy hour and research specialty drinks and menu options. The free app, available here, was developed by Carlson IT, Illume Mobile and Click Here.

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