Online Videos Drive Tune-In For TV Shows, Movies

Video drives video.

Among online video viewers, about 44% of TV viewers and 31% of moviegoers say watching a preview was the biggest factor in seeing the flick or checking out the show, according to online video technology provider Videology.

To be sure, this finding isn’t rocket science. But it is a powerful reminder that online video is a vital tool for TV networks as well as movie studies to use widely and often.

This data may also come in handy as online publishers seek to grab some of the money expected to flow into online media in the coming years. In a report issued earlier this month, eMarketer said that Internet ad spending by the media and entertainment business will increase to $4.34 billion in 2016, for a 57% uptick from the $2.77 billion they are spending this year. “As more consumers turn to the Internet for news and entertainment, advertisers are using digital campaigns to raise awareness, generate buzz and encourage online sales,” the report said.

However, the spending this year will be flat to down in the entertainment marketing business, due to increased competition and lower sales, before the money springs back over the next few years, eMarketer said.

That’s why stats such as the effectiveness of online video advertising may help lure money specifically to the online video sector of the Internet for the entertainment business. In its study, Videology found that among heavy television viewers, more than half said seeing previews of clips was the top motivator to watching a show. “These responses suggest that video is a natural fit to encourage tune in, particularly with the growing percentage of viewers using a 2nd screen, such as a tablet or mobile device, simultaneously with TV viewing,” Videology said.

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  1. Doug Garnett from Protonik, LLC, July 23, 2012 at 6:52 p.m.

    I'm a wee bit cautious. The disclaimer here is "seeing the movie or watching the show". There's no question that online trailers (and AppleTV distributed, and...) are important for movie go-fers. But this headline talks about TV shows. It's irresponsible research to combine those two VERY different things. And that makes me suspicious. There's far clearer connection between off-line advertising driving online viewing (as in the Old Spice viral case) than in online promotion driving traditional TV viewing.

  2. Lindy Sieker from Empower MediaMarketing, July 24, 2012 at 9:54 a.m.

    @Doug, there are banner ads for shows, especially for premieres. Also, FOX is going to be debuting premieres online, like a preview or pilot, before actually airing on TV. I've seen banners for Big Brother feed on their site. Perhaps I'm seeing those because of the bots that know where I go online. The internet is being utilized to promote because I've seen it.

  3. Lindy Sieker from Empower MediaMarketing, July 24, 2012 at 11:40 a.m.

    Here's a trailer for ABC's new show The Neighbors, already online in a magazine-format site:

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