Smaller Video Companies Score Better In Streaming Services

Netflix-AAA1Many people may use big-name video service Netflix, but one study says other streaming video companies are getting higher marks. says 81% of its subscribers who used a streaming service in a recent month tapped Netflix, but more under-the-radar services, such as Vudu, Apple iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video, all scored higher for overall satisfaction in Consumer Reports' first comprehensive ratings of video services.

Because of a better selection of titles available, pay-per-view streaming services, such as Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Vudu received high marks from more than 60% of users.

It wasn't just Netflix, ConsumerReports says this is a common problem with other all-you-can-watch streaming services, that includes Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

Right now, ConsumerReports says 52% of its 15,277 subscribers used a streaming service compared with 47% who saw a movie at a theater. It says 43% rented a DVD or Blu-ray disc, and 32% used their cable provider's video-on-demand service.

While its streaming video service isn't that well regarded, Netflix's disc-by-mail service and independent video stores were judged to have a more satisfying selection of titles, including current ones, than even the best streaming services.

"Our survey revealed that a healthy selection of titles is one of the biggest factors in overall satisfaction with video services, which is why disc rental services and pay-per-view streaming services scored the highest in our Ratings," stated Jim Willcox, senior electronics editor, Consumer Reports.



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