Out To Launch

StateStreetState Street Global Investors launched a set of TV ads promoting its SPDR ETF products. “Rabbit Ears” brings us back to an era when TV sets had antennas and the slightest sneeze could turn your crisp picture into static. A father has his two young sons each hold an ear, so his reception is stellar. Unfortunately, he forces them to hold the ears throughout their adolescence. “SPDR ETF investors are willing to accept some imprecision in their lives, just not in their investments. See it here. In "Grocery Store," a SPDR ETF investor shows that she has a strategy at every market, even the super market, where she chooses a checkout line and sticks with it. Everyone knows when you change lanes it’s always your original lane that picks up the pace. Watch it here. The Gate Worldwide created the campaign.



SunRunGoing solar saves homeowners money, among other things, in a series of ads for Sunrun. A couple, gardening in their yard, lower their electric bill by going solar. The voiceover informs the couple that they’re also saving dolphin babies in the process. The voiceover then insists that they love saving dolphin babies more than saving money. The couple disagrees. See it here. The voiceover introduces another couple as solar users in an effort to “organically pickle stuff,” rather than saving money. Turns out, the stereotype raised by the voiceover is an accurate one, as the wife in the ad leaves to buy soy flaxseed. Watch it here. The voiceover is put in his place in the final ad, “Best Part.” A man was able to go solar with no money down, the best part of the solar incentive. Voiceover tries to butt in while the homeowners stands firm in his reasoning. See it here. Heat, San Francisco created the campaign, directed by Mike Maguire of Biscuit Filmworks and edited by Greg Scruton of Arcade Edit.

NVenergyIf you live in Nevada, chances are you have a mini robot living inside your house. NV Energy launched a TV spot to educate its consumers on how they receive their energy -- and how NV Energy stays one step ahead to ensure its clients will have the necessary energy at all times.  The company uses an adorable  “Bot” character to illustrate how energy goes from transmission lines into someone’s home – at the flip of a light switch. Watch the ad here, created by R&R Partners.


GameStopGameStop launched a TV spot promoting the "GameStock 2012" festival, a six-week event where gamers can buy discounted games and win prizes. The festival is positioned as a Woodstock for video game characters – you just have to attend or risk missing out on something historic. The spot features various video game characters, from zombies, ogres,  blue avatars and barbarians making the pilgrimage to Gamestock 20212 by any means necessary: bus, van, or hitchhiking. See it here, created by The Richards Group.

LegalSeafoodLegal Sea Foods launched a print ad touting its seafood as a religious experience. Using the recognizable Christian fish symbol that usually has the name Jesus inside it, the brand placed the word “legal” inside. At the bottom of the ad, copy reads: “It’s a religious experience.” See the ad here, created by DeVito/Verdi.

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