Major Advertisers Broaden Media In Changing Landscape

MillerCoors has four priorities as it looks to navigate the changing media landscape, including broadening its paid media efforts to fall under an “entertainment” umbrella. The company will continue to spend heavily in sports advertising, but will look for ways to link with music and other options.
“Just advertising to people is not going to be that impactful,” said MillerCoors media director Stevie Benjamin Wednesday at the TVB Forward Conference.
MillerCoors has also used Internet radio service Pandora on both national and local levels.
Benjamin said the beer marketer’s other three areas of focus are “personalized marketing,” where the aim is to generate a one-on-one interaction with a brand; trying to make multicultural marketing more mainstream; and recognizing consumers are engaged in multiple activities at once.
Benjamin appeared at the TVB event on a panel along with Bayer HealthCare’s marketing excellence director, Mollie Lawrence, who said the company is challenged with understanding how digital and social media initiatives affect ROI.
Bayer is “still not able to get a good read” on “how it’s moving our business," she said.
There is some evidence that TV advertising can increase purchases swiftly. Almost as soon as Bayer begins advertising a product, Wal-Mart sales go up, she said. “Our retail business is very responsive to advertising,” she added, noting search activity goes up after a TV spot airs.
Bayer uses relationships with Major League Baseball for its flagship aspirin brand, while One A Day vitamin tries to reach males since much of national TV skews female.
Benjamin pined for the “utopia” of single-source measurement. The marketer does struggle to find sturdy sales data. She cited Nielsen doing a good job of tracking how the cash register rings in grocery stores, but less so in convenience stores, where MillerCoors does a lot of business.



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  1. Patrick Fitzgerald from Straight Face Productions, September 13, 2012 at 5:16 p.m.

    Steve Benjamin is correct although "just advertising" to someone will work via TV; failing to fully leverage the interactive capability of digital media is where brands need to reach further and publishers need to work with them to develop content designed for the space. These new opportunities will require new resources to efficiently provide quality content

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