Nielsen To Extend Metrics To Mobile, Online Ratings 'Accurate'

Mobile-AAA top Nielsen executive said the company is looking to extend its measurement capabilities for mobile devices to include apps, which would join tracking Web browsing on tablets and smartphones. Steve Hasker, the president of global media products, said Wednesday that Nielsen is making a significant investment in that arena, but a rollout will be slow.
“We’re going to be pretty measured about this,” he said, as the goal is to obtain Media Rating Council accreditation en route to the data becoming a currency.
Nielsen has a partnership with Apple, where it measures behavior on its iOS platform.
Speaking at an investor event, Hasker also said Nielsen’s year-old Online Campaign Ratings are proving to be “unerringly accurate,” while they provide TV-style daily data on age, gender, reach, frequency and geographic data for digital usage. “That product has enjoyed very significant uptake in its first 12 months,” he said.
It is becoming a currency, where buyers and sellers are using it for guarantees, as it offers measurement that goes beyond server log data, Hasker said.
“There was a lack of independent third-party measurement and a lack of trust. Therefore, there was a lack of growth in digital advertising,” he said. “Online Campaign Ratings is starting to change that in a meaningful way.”
Nielsen is also set to announce founding media and advertiser partners for a cross-platform product in early October that tracks TV, tablet and PC usage, Hasker said. Testing of campaigns took place during the London Olympics.
Hasker also spoke about Nielsen’s attempts to launch data sources that can offer a link between media exposure and purchasing. He said ABC sales chief Geri Wang used Nielsen “buyer insights” data in an upfront presentation, where she showed “Modern Family” posts ratings similar to CBS’ “Two and a Half Men.” But ABC says the series delivers an audience makeup with “two and a half times as many heavy Marriott users.”
“That’s pretty rich information for both Marriott and Hilton,” Hasker said.

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