Bixbi Pet Creates 'Lost Dogs' Film


Bixbi Pet’s first branding effort is a short documentary film warning consumers about the dangers of Chinese-made dog treats.

Beginning in 2008, thousands of dogs have been killed or sickened by the tainted treats, leading the FDA to issue multiple warnings. Many of the treats have been found to contain toxins such as heavy metals, melamine and chemicals used in plastics and resins like diethylene glycol.

But as the film points out, it's not just the Chinese manufacturers at fault, but also the U.S.-based brands sourcing the Chinese jerky, since they've done virtually nothing to get tainted treats off retail shelves.

“Bixbi Pet is committed to sourcing only Made in America, human-grade meats for their products,” CEO James Crouch tells Marketing Daily. “We believe that dog owners, like their four-legged companions, should be curious about the world around them and check things out for themselves. By understanding what goes into their dogs' food, owners can be better equipped to ensure their dogs are eating food that's actually good for them.”



Many pet owners are unaware of the dangerous ingredients in food and treats made in China, and "Lost Dogs" brings awareness to that issue, Crouch added.

“The film is Bixbi's first initiative as a brand,” Crouch said.

In addition to a newly redesigned website,, the Boulder, Colo.-based company will also be partnering with RecordSetter on Sept. 23 to set the world record for most dogs playing dead at once at a Denver event.

“The event is a lighthearted way to bring attention to a serious issue and participants will be encouraged to check out the film to learn more as well,” Crouch said. “In the coming months Bixbi will be rolling out with additional efforts.”

Currently there is no planned media for the campaign, however the video is featured prominently on the brand's website.

It is one of the first initiatives to come out of Bixbi’s ad agency, Made Movement, a Boulder, Colo.-based marketing agency dedicated to supporting brands and products manufactured in the USA.

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