RadioFace Markets .ME Domain Names To Personalize Web


Web content customizes the site visitor's experience. Now the .me domain suffix aims to personalize it. A quirky campaign designed by creative agency RadioFace to market the trend plans to show brands and individuals how.

Startups have scooped up names like, along with big brands like Facebook,; Wordpress, and; Time magazine,; New York Times,; and VISA,, along with more generic terms like or the name of a person .me.

The RadioFace agency, a creative group of comedians and copywriters, proposed a multiplatform marketing campaign complete with billboards, banner ads, and stunts at live events. Web video, radio, Twitter and banner ads support the campaign.

A Facebook contest where comedians go head-to-head in a bracket-style joke-telling competition will launch next week. The actor in the video, TJ Miller, is an up-and-coming actor and will appear on the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" this season.



The .me domain licensed by the Republic of Montenegro gained the suffix by default as the country code, explains Tony Mennuto, RadioFace, creative director and founder. "The .coms are business-like, but .mes are personal," he said. "It means be young; be creative."

The messages revolve around creativity and personalization, giving away .me domains for graduation or birthdays or when a brand wants to personalize messages to consumers. The landing page houses videos and the ability to search for available domain names.

The unique URL provides a personal touch to a domain name, but when it comes to optimizing content on sites with the .me domain for inclusion in search engine result pages, Reliable-SEO Partner Terry Van Horne advised building content that draws links, not ones that manufacture them.

The good content will naturally build links -- otherwise they are manufactured. That is not a long-term solution to adhere to Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, he said.

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  1. Lori Rosen from The Rosen Group, September 25, 2012 at 8:39 a.m.

    Love the idea of using comedians and copywriters. What a smart creative company and awesome campaign.

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