Out To Launch

Homecoming Project“The Homecoming Project" is a print, online video and radio initiative created by Deutsch New York for Live Out Loud, an organization that helps empower LGBT youth by connecting them with successful LGBT professionals. Using the tag line "Gay It Forward," the campaign profiles individuals sharing positive words of wisdom and encouragement at their high schools. Matt found his family to be very supportive of him when he told them he was gay. See it here. “I just expect you to be a good person,” were the words Tiq’s father said when he came out. Watch it here. Felix stopped being afraid once he came out. See it here. Jana took a stand and came out, even though her small town would be judgmental. “When I came out, the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders,” she said. Watch it here.



ExpediaExpedia launched a beautiful online video as part of its “Find Yours” campaign. “Find Your Understanding” follows the journey of Artie Goldstein, a father coming to terms with his daughter marrying a woman. The video shows Goldstein talking about his daughter from childhood on and his reaction when his daughter’s partner, Nicki asks for his permission to marry his little girl. Goldstein battles his conflicting emotions on the trip to his daughter’s wedding. Actual wedding footage is interspersed into this very touching video. Watch it here, created by 180LA.

SonyOwners of the Sony Xperia James Bond-themed smartphone might start believe they are James Bond. Airing on ITV, the ad follows a man in the midst of a high-speed boat chase. Once he’s on terra firma, the man participates in a high-speed car chase, driving through a green lit tunnel that made me wonder if it was sponsored by Heineken. After some rooftop running, the man enters a cell phone store to purchase his Bond phone. Watch “The Chase” here, created by IRIS, produced by RSA, with visual effects handled by Smoke and Mirrors.

DroidNowadays, information truly fits in the palm of your hands. Motorola launched "Projections," a TV spot promoting its DROID RAZR M smartphone that’s all screen and knowledge. Need to watch a movie on a rainy day or shop for bicycles while commuting? Done. And how do you properly filet a fish? The answer is just a scroll away. Watch the ad here, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


LuvsLuvs launched a hysterical spot called “Breast Feeding” that shows with experience comes knowledge. A woman tries to breastfeed her first child inside a restaurant as discreetly as possible by shielding her kid with a blanket. With the next kid, she is more comfortable and ixnays the blanket, telling her waiter that her eyes are “up here.” What does this all have to do with Luvs? By their second child, moms are now experts and more likely to choose Luvs diapers. Watch it here, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

The Nike Foundation asked kids what they would do with an extra five years to live because for the first time, their generation is expected to die five years younger than their parents, due to a lack of physical activity. Five extra years to a kid seems like an eternity – some have no idea what to do with so much time, while others would buy more hamsters or build a wooden helicopter – if they had some wood. Other answers are more serious, like finding cures for diseases or bringing back a deceased uncle because he’s sorely missed. The ad drives viewers to, to get kids to live a more active lifestyle. Watch it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and directed by Lance Bangs.

DaveMartinDavid N. Martin, the founder of The Martin Agency, passed away last week at the age of 82. He founded Martin & Woltz with his partner, George Woltz, in 1965. The company name was changed to The Martin Agency in 1975. The agency created the famous “Virginia is for Lovers” campaign in 1969 -- and as a tribute to Martin, released a print ad where the iconic heart in the campaign is now broken in half. See it here.


OptimumHealthI thought running uphill was rough; cycling uphill looks worse. OptumHealth Pro Cycling launched a TV ad celebrating the team's brand platform of "Human-powered Health." There are many a shot of people on bikes, grunting and groaning and cycling through what looks like hot, steamy weather conditions. At least the ocean view can take the sting out of a long ride -- that, and maybe a hearty lunch afterward. Watch it here, created by Solve.


HeinekenRandom iPhone App of the week: Heineken is pulling out all the stops to promote its role in the upcoming James Bond film “Skyfall.” The brand launched an app called “Heineken Spysight” that transforms users into an MI6 agent tapped to tag spies for satellite surveillance. The game takes place in a 3D-modeled Venetian square, and challenges agents to play three rounds, at 30 seconds each. The app, created by G2, is available for free in the App Store.

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