Ocean Spray's Bog-osphere On The Road Again


In the latest version of wooing America with its tiny, tart fruit, Ocean Spray is again bringing its bogs across America, this time setting up shop in New England’s Gillette Stadium, New York’s Rockefeller Center and Walt Disney World.

The moveable life-size cranberry bog, which demonstrates how cranberries are harvested and why they float, measures 1,500 square feet and is packed with one ton of fresh berries.

The event includes demonstrations from bartenders (it is the main ingredient of the Cosmopolitan, after all) and new this year is a social spin: The cooperative is inviting drinkers to find their “perfect cocktail compliment” with a “Liquid Identity” app on its Facebook page. (The Facebook effort also included a $5,000 contest, and a similar effort on Twitter is rewarding those with best cran-inspired tweets with $100.) There’s also a big push on Pinterest, asking fans to post pictures of cranberry recipes, cocktails and creations.



There’s also a chance to meet the laconic, hip-wader wearing stars of its ad campaign. Since Arnold Advertising took over Ocean Spray’s advertising, when the brand was struggling in a declining category back in 2004, Ocean Spray domestic sales have risen from $890 to $1.48 billion in 2010, according to Arnold.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that while Massachusetts-based Ocean Spray accounts for about 80% of all raw cranberry intake, with a 65% share of market, over half of the nation’s cranberries are actually from Wisconsin. Ocean Spray represents some 600 growers around the country.

Very few berries, about 5%, reports the USDA, are actually consumed fresh, and those are generally dry-harvested.

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