Howdy, Pilgrim: Titan Snags Ad Contract For John Wayne Airport

John-Wayne-Airport-BTitan Air, the new division launched by Titan last year, has won another airport advertising contract -- a five-year deal with John Wayne Airport, located in Orange County, CA. Under the terms of the deal, all previously existing advertising infrastructure at the airport has been stripped out, giving Titan a blank slate for creating an entirely fresh ad environment.
John Wayne Airport (airport code SNA) is the only commercial airport in Orange County, and the second-largest airport in Southern California, with around 9 million passengers per year. That compares to 61 million passengers per year at Los Angeles International Airport. 

SNA currently hosts nine commercial airlines and two commuter lines, as well as two all-cargo lines. It recently completed a substantial expansion with the construction of a new Terminal C; it also underwent renovation to allow international traffic.
Titan plans to offer a range of new ad opportunities at SNA, including new digital displays, banners, jet bridge wraps and backlit displays. Digital displays will be focused on areas with high dwell times, including baggage claim areas.
In August, Titan announced the signing of a five-year contract for the exclusive right to sell advertising in Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY, just north of New York City. The contract covers all forms of advertising within the airport, including digital displays that will provide news, weather and travel information in addition to ads.



As part of the deal, Titan will create a new Digital Visitor Information Center that will allow passengers to reserve hotels, rent cars and make dinner reservations. The company will also install workspaces for passengers with charging stations for electronic devices, in addition to ad space.
For now, Titan Air remains a small fish in a big pond, competing with powerful incumbents Clear Channel Airports and JCDecaux Airport, Inc. Clear Channel has ad agreements with about 145 airports across the U.S. (some through a partnership with JCDecaux). JCDecaux has agreements with 26 U.S. airports, including JFK, LAX and Miami International.

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