Scotty McCreery Teams With Bojangles

Scotty-McCreery-Bojangles-ACountry singer and “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery is featured in the latest ads for Bojangles Restaurants.

In the first of two new 30-second TV spots from Charlotte, N.C.-based agency BooneOakley, McCreery performs a new theme song for the chicken-and-biscuits chain, “Bojangles’ Town.” His performance is intercut with handheld video footage of down-home scenes like high school football, tailgating, a Little League outfield and a fire truck on parade.

The second spot is more in line with typical efforts in the chain’s “It’s Bo Time” campaign, which show scenarios in which fans get so distracted by their Bojangles meals that they’re oblivious to even the most outlandish events going on around them.



McCreery and his band are shown hanging out backstage before a concert, enjoying the chicken, biscuits and tea from a “Big Bo Box.” As waiting fans chant loudly in the background, McCreery’s manager begs him to start the show, reminding him: “This stadium holds 20,000.” McCreery, unmoved, points to the box and replies: “This holds tea.

The TV advertising is being supported by four radio spots, P-O-P signage, table-tops, and a McCreery music download offer. 

All of the efforts target a young primary audience, 18-34, skewing female and a broader, 18-54 secondary audience. 

Media is handled directly by franchisees in all of the chain’s East Coast states (from Maryland to Florida, plus Tennessee, Alabama and D.C.). Bojangles has more than 500 locations in 10 states, primarily in the Southeast.

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