LG Breaks Through With Optimus G

LG-Ad-BAttempting to get a foothold in a smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung, LG is showing consumers they have another outside-the-box choice via a new advertising campaign for the Optimus G. 

A new national advertising campaign, which broke on Monday from Strawberryfrog in New York, depicts a man in a drab, gray room. As he begins to break down the walls of the room to emerge into a sun-strewn meadow, a voiceover touts the unique features of the phone, which include the ability to zoom while shooting a video and using two apps simultaneously. The end of the spot reveals that the man in the room is, in fact, an actor shooting a commercial. 

“This [campaign] is taking LG to the next level, with a reinvigorated point of view, and that’s what breaking through the walls is all about,” Scott Goodson, chairman of Strawberryfrog, tells Marketing Daily. “The key is the huge technological game-changer that this phone represents [away] from the pack of Apple and Samsung.”



The phone features touted in the ad, which will run in 60-, 30- and 15-second versions, are truly unique to the smartphone world, says April Won, account director at Strawberryfrog. “There are things about this phone that you can’t get from other phones,” she tells Marketing Daily. “Whereas others are saying you can do something similar, the idea of having two applications overlaid [on top of each other] is unique to the LG phone.”

With some differentiating features in a hot category during the holiday season, LG is also hoping the device (and its campaign) will connect with a youthful audience to give it some more hip cachet. 

“We wanted an emotive campaign that blew the dust out and blew the walls out and put LG on a platform especially for the younger consumers,” he says. “You have to start with a product with something different to offer. It’s also all about attitude: Attitude, vitality, energy and the feeling this brand is alive, progressive and dynamic.”

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