Acura Brings Dr. Phil, Suze Orman To Chrismas

  • November 12, 2012

This is the third year of Acura’s “Season of Reason” holiday campaign. This year the effort stars Dr. Phil McGraw in his first TV spot, TV host Suze Orman and Santa Claus. The campaign encourages the purchase of lasting luxury over frivolous holiday items.

The effort, via long-time AOR rp&, has Dr. Phil and Orman or Santa pull up in an Acura just in time to stop shoppers from going wild on items like a new dress, a giant Christmas tree or an animatronic Santa. The three do a self-help in the car ad. During a high-speed ride, they talk them out of their unreasonable purchases and remind them to instead opt for the smarter decision. The voiceover spokesman, actor James Spader, then says: “This holiday, listen to the voice of reason. Acura's Season of Reason sales event.”

Said Jeff Conrad, vice president, Acura division sales: “During the holidays, people are traditionally encouraged to live it up and spend -- after all, it’s only once a year. With this campaign, we hope to remind people to spend smart and buy what you’re going to value long after the holiday season has passed.” 




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