Given Ratings, C7 May Usurp C3 Model

Modern-Family-4-AAlthough advertisers don't pay for seven days of viewing, more top network TV shows are grabbing big week-long DVR viewership -- with many programs now getting a 50% increase from time-shifted viewing.

Many shows until recently were only gaining 30% to 40% higher numbers when including a week's worth of time-shifted viewership. But now, many programs are registering much higher numbers, for the most recent reporting week in late October.

This growing research has pushed senior TV-media executives to seek a change in the way they make deals with advertisers -- possibly looking to extend from the current three-day media deal model, the live average commercial ratings plus three days of DVR playback metric (C3).

For example, ABC's top-rated "Modern Family" scored a 7.3 rating among 18-49 viewers in looking at live plus seven days of time-shifting, a 49% hike over its more closely watched 4.9 live-plus-same-day.

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" registered a 63% gain -- to a total 4.9 after seven days. Fox's "New Girl" is now at a 55.6%, with a total 4.2 rating among 18-49 viewers after seven days. Another ABC show, "Revenge," saw a 48.1% improvement to a 4.0 rating.

ABC's "Private Practice," in its last season, almost registered the same time-shifted rating as its live-same day rating: a 1.2 versus a 1.4. Time-shifting gave the show a top 85% gain over its live-same day numbers.

CBS' best time-shifted results came from its top-rated comedy "Big Bang Theory," scoring a 44% lift to reach a total 7.2 rating. New show "Elementary" took in a total 3.4 rating, with a 54.5% gain.

NBC had its top time-shifted program "The Office" with a 55% gain from time-shifting, for a 3.1 total rating. "Parenthood" had a 52.6% improvement, to a 2.9 rating.

NBC's "The Voice" was the only reality show to make the top list of 25 network program entries. Its Monday show was at a 5.3 total rating, up 23.3%; "Voice"'s Tuesday show had a 5.1 total rating, for a 18.5% lift.



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  1. Michael Natale from MCM Media Sales, November 15, 2012 at 9:46 a.m.

    Good luck if you are retail account like Macy's, a movie studio or an Auto sales event account, or any type of advertiser for that matter if they move to C7 ratings (C3 ratings make little sense as well) when you consider the following: Who watches commercials anymore on TV anyway? Even if you do "catch and occassional few spots" at this point in time are you paying complete attention to them as in years past? Collectively TV ads (just like pre roll video ads online) are definitely much higher on the nuisance scale than in past fact they are a great waste of your time as a human being. The boat load of ads per break are simply annoying background noise and controlling your own content destiny through online, on demand, alternative screens like iPads, iPhones and DVR's (let's not forget the good old remote control) have been the stake in the heart of the ad vampire. Let's face it, who doesn't look at their iPad or Smart Phone during a commercial break!? The landscape has been forever changed because the way we react to, recall, consider and associate with tv commericals from here on in has changed....although TV execs and Nielsen will never admit it outright....they just want to raise cpm's year after year for less and less rataings (Check out the Financial Times article on the "precipitous ratings drop so far this season) People naturally just are fearful of change (especially tv networks and sellers!).....but the ship has sailed and it's an undeniable fact that this change has already "happened" so let's not use the present or future tenses of the word anymore.

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