Adobe Sees 100% Growth In Mobile Shopping For Cyber Monday

Calling it a “tipping point” for mobile platforms, Adobe this morning announced results from Cyber Monday cross-platform sales activity. The publishing services provider that powers and measures many of the Web’s largest sites says it saw mobile transactions accounting for 22% of online sales on Monday, an increase of 100% over m-shopping for the day last year.

But it would be a mistake to attribute all -- even most -- of those sales to the on-the-go consumers using a smartphone. In fact, by Adobe’s measure, the tablet was responsible for 14.1% of mobile sales yesterday, up 110% from last year. Smartphones accounted for 6.8% of online sales. At the high end among the sites that Adobe monitors, top-performing sites were reaching 30% of sales from mobile devices.

Adobe reported over the weekend that it has seen Black Friday mobile activity spike to even higher levels, with almost one of every four transactions coming from devices.




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