Fiat GSTV Creative: Man In Pump


Fiat is putting a man in a box. Actually he’s in a gas pump. The brand has created a custom TV spot that will air in a very specific out-of-home locale: Gas Station TV (GSTV), which puts TV content on pumps at 1,856 stations across the country. Fiat will, in fact, be the first automaker to do a campaign with GSTV with creative, via Doner’s Detroit shop, specifically designed for the network. 

The ad gets specific by using the gas pump as a device. It appears to be a slot in the pump through which a slightly crazed guy is peering, speakeasy-style. He has taken up residence in the pump to get a glimpse of a 2013 Fiat 500 when it pulls up. Somewhat maniacally, he gazes out, rolls his eyes and bemoans the fact that he hasn't seen one yet. Finally he decides to extricate himself and go to a Fiat studio. He can’t, however, find the exit door. The ad calls out the mileage characteristics of the new 500.



Casey Hurbis, head of Fiat brand communications, tells Marketing Daily that the campaign and gas station placements help give relevance to the message that 2013 Fiat 500 gets 40 mpg without an eco package. "This is a great place to convey that news." And he says the West Coast is the right place to convey that message since 25% of Fiat stores are there, and gas ranges from $4.50 to $5. 

The ad was also very inexpensive to shoot because it's just a guy speaking through a slot. "When we look at creating content, [Olivier Francoise, Chrysler, LLC head of marketing] always challenges us to do ads that are sexy, smart, stylish and have a 'smile.' When I see ads at the pump, generally, it's just another screen for advertisers. Our approach is not to just repurpose content, but to talk to the right consumer, in the right environment, with the right message. This is the least expensive creative, it was a very simple idea, and it was executed effectively and efficiently. It's not cost-prohibitive to do it."

Hurbis says key performance indicators will be garnered from reaction videos and feedback from consumer intercepts. 

David Leider, CEO of GSTV, tells Marketing Daily that seven automakers are currently doing national campaigns through GSTV, with Chevrolet having been with the network the longest -- since the network’s inception in 2006.

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