Digitas Predicts End Of 'Mobile Web' In 2013

Projecting mobile shipping activity on Thanksgiving would double this year, Digitas rebranded Thanksgiving as “Mobile Thursday.” While the monicker may not stick (let’s hope not),  the agency expects the shift toward tablet-centered shopping  at home on Thanksgiving will only continue to grow next year.

Digitas laid out several other mobile predictions for 2013 in a new blog post featuring contributions from Dave Marsey and Chia Chen, media lead and mobile lead, respectively for Digitas North America, and Warren Midgley, head of user experience for Kitcatt Nohr Digitas. Among their prognostications: lower mobile CPMs will lead to consolidation among mobile ad networks; the end of the “mobile Web” and better UI control for second-screen viewing.

Read the full post here.

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