Time Warner Cable Takes Swing With Poulter

Time Warner Cable turned to a football star last year seeking a brand lift, and is taking a swing with a golfer moving into the warmer months. Following Pro Bowl receiver Victor Cruz's appearance in its “Enjoy Sports Better” ad campaign, the cable operator plans to use golfer Ian Poulter in a new iteration.

Poulter is an English golfer, ranked fifteenth in the world. In addition to the campaign, Poulter will serve as a brand ambassador at golf events and in other customer relations roles.

TWC may have helped the New York Giants' Cruz make the Pro Bowl, urging fans to vote for him via its YouTube channel as well as Twitter and Facebook pages in both English and Spanish. Cruz’s arrangement with TWC had him also playing a social media role and making appearances on the cable operator's local New York news channels and with a role in social media.

Poulter and Cruz may not be the only athletes that TWC will be working with, as it announced that a spot with Poulter would feature other athletes, although it didn't name any. Poulter will also be part of TWC's YouTube channel and engage in chats with fans during tournaments on Facebook.

Poulter also has sponsor relationships with Mutual of Omaha, MasterCard, Oakley and NetJets, among others.




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