Goes Live With Facebook, Brings 'Element-Level' Targeting To FBX, a next-generation real-time bidding platform developed by former Havas Digital chief Don Epperson, has gone live with a mix of inventory via the Facebook Exchange (FBX)., which calls itself an “element-level marketing platform,” to date has focused on keyword search retargeting, site retargeting and CRM retargeting, and claims the real benefit in its new FBX offering is its ability to leverage “unstructured data targeting.”

“Unlike first generation real time bidding platforms that require advertisers to target audiences using opaque, rigid audience segments, “ the company says it is able to target audiences via “element-level” data that builds and optimizes targets “on-the-fly.” The platform eschews “pre-packaged” audience segmentation schemes, and says the conversions it is generating speak for themselves, generating higher rates regardless of whether they are CPA, CPC or CTR performance models.’s element-level site retargeting is based on a “smart pixel” that enables advertisers to bid, report, optimize, and customize creative based on individual pages visited on an advertisers' sites.


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