Global Ad Spend Remains Strong, TV Dominates

Globe-AA1Global advertising had a strong first nine months of 2012, with television advertising still holding the biggest share of advertising dollars and outperforming overall global growth.

Nielsen says ad spending rose 3.3% from January to September last year, with TV advertising up 4.3% during the period.

Third-quarter TV advertising growth soared, lifting the pace over the first six months of the year, when TV growth was 3.1%. In North America alone, there was high double-digit growth, up 13.6% in the third quarter -- from Olympic and political advertising, according to some analysis.

Although other new media platforms are growing, TV continues to dominate in overall global advertising with a 61.8 share. Newspapers remain second at a 19.7 share; magazines, 7.9 share; radio, 5.2; Internet, 2.7; outdoor, 2.6, and cinema advertising, 0.3.

Nielsen says the two most improving media from the same period a year ago were the Internet, at 7.7% and cinema, at 9.2%.

Internet witnessed major improvement from telecommunications companies, boosting their media spend more than 25%. Although Western European countries have been struggling, Nielsen says display Internet advertising improved 9% -- the only media platform to experience growth in the region.

While cinema advertising witnessed overall growth, the third-quarter spending was particularly strong, soaring 12.3% during the period. There was an even bigger 54.7% hike for Asia-Pacific territories. On the flip side, Latin America was down 5.5% and Europe was off 4.5%.

Print media continues to have its troubles, underperforming global advertising as a whole -- magazines were down 1.3% and newspapers were virtually flat at 0.8%.



Looking at individual regions for magazine media buying, China was up 10.6% and Japan was 3.8% higher. On the other end, North America sank 3.2%, and Europe was off 6.8%.

The Middle East and Africa region was the strongest performer -- up 18.9% -- with Europe the worst performer, down 3.4%. North America showed a 5.0% gain.

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  1. Chris Simpson from AU/SOC, January 24, 2013 at 12:01 p.m.

    PLEASE include at least some spending totals measured in dollars, Euros, Renminbi, whatever.... The percentage changes you report can only be understood with reference to some currency denominated total.

  2. Peter Cornelius from Kinesis Media, January 24, 2013 at 8:20 p.m.

    As well as including volume, it should also be made clear what is being measured as the way this is reported it reads as gospel. Across media and over time its not a 'like for like' comparison. Rate calculations and the scope vary across those markets being measured - they are estimated rates, some are discounted and some are not and the media scope is different across countries/regions. For example, Radio and Cinema are not measured in all countries and most new media platforms are not measured at all. Furthermore, the Internet data is significantly under-reported for where it is collected in the main its Display advertising estimates only and not all spend on Internet/Online. Appropriate caveats should be included to ensure accuracy in reporting and for these figures not to be misinterpreted and should be used as a guide only.


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