Chocolate Brands: Buzz Versus 'Love'

Chocolate-brands-BWith Valentine’s Day approaching, NetBase analyzed consumers’ social media conversations about eight chocolate brands over the past year (Jan. 31, 2012 through Jan. 31, 2013).

Turns out that Hershey’s has been getting the most social buzz, but Ferrero Rocher’s chocolate hazelnut products are most “loved.”

NetBase, an enterprise social intelligence platform, analyzed social conversations for Cadbury, Dove, Ferrero Rocher, Ghirardelli, Godiva, Hershey’s, Lindt and Neuhaus.

All eight brands fell into the “like” or “love” quadrants (as opposed to the “dislike” or “hate” quadrants), based on NetBase’s Brand Passion Index analytics. 



Hershey's generated 30% of the overall chatter for the eight chocolate brands, and saw 84% positive chatter, but had the lowest “Passion Intensity” score (45 out of a possible 100) and the second-lowest “Net Sentiment” score (68). While online consumers chat in high volumes about Hershey’s many products, some complain about overly sweet taste or aroma, or express the sentiment that Hershey’s products will “do in a pinch.” 

Ferrero Rocher generated just 1.3% of the overall buzz among the brands, but showed the highest consumer social “love,” with a perfect Passion Intensity score of 100. It also tied with Ghirardelli for highest Net Sentiment score (87). Consumers “raved” about the brand’s classic, gold-wrapped, hazelnut-flavored chocolates, calling them the “perfect gift” to give and receive, according to NetBase.

Buzz-wise, Hershey’s was followed by Lindt (19% of the approximately 777,000 total conversations), Godiva (17%), Dove (14.6%), Cadbury (9.3%), Ghirardelli (8.7%), Ferrero Rocher (1.3%) and Neuhaus (less than 1%). 

Following Ferrero Rocher, the Passion Intensity scores ranking was: Lindt (76), Dove (69), Ghirardelli (61), Cadbury (59), Godiva (53), Neuhaus (48) and Hershey’s (45). 

In Net Sentiment rankings, Ferrero Rocher and Ghirardelli were followed by Neuhaus (85), Dove (82), Lindt (74), Godiva (72), Hershey’s (68) and Cadbury (66).

The percentages of positive buzz for each brand: Ferrero Rocher, 94%; Ghirardelli and Neuhaus each 93%; Dove, 91%; Lindt, 87%; Godiva, 86.5%; Hershey’s, 84%; and Cadbury, 83%.  

NetBase’s release offers some verbatim consumer comments on the various brands.

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