Anomaly Sponsors Google Glasses Competition

Google-Glasses-AGoogle launched a competition Wednesday giving those outside the developer community a chance to explore a pair of Google Glasses. At the last Google i/o conference, Google let developers buy the glasses for $1,500. Now others will have the same opportunity, with about 8,000 available.

Ad agency Anomaly sponsored the event.

Entrants to the Google Glass competition must use Google+ or Twitter to explain in no more than 50 words an innovative use of Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Submissions can use up to five photos and a video up to 15 seconds long. Applications are due before Feb. 27. Each person can submit up to three applications.

On Anomaly's Web site, founding partners describe the company as an agency where lines between creative and media have blurred -- unpaid media is increasingly important, and what constitutes "media" is harder to define.



Google opened the competition to anyone 18 or older living in the U.S. and will give winners the opportunity to access the glasses before they go on sale to the general public at the end of 2014.

Although the world has yet to see the everyday benefits from Google Glass, the company released a new YouTube video demonstrating the headset's overall experience and new features, like the ability to translate between languages.

The video demonstrates voice-controlled searches on the engine and in Google+ hangouts. It also shows how users give voice commands --"OK Glass, take a picture" or "OK Glass, record a video" -- to operate the functions.

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