HStreaming Announces Mobile RTB Platform

HStreaming, a real-time data analytics provider, today announced a real-time bidding platform for mobile. The platform is powered by the company's Hadoop technology.

"The platform has two perks," HStreaming CEO Jana Uhlig said. "It has real-time bidding capabilities and it's a real-time analytics provider."

Uhlig also says that the technology is able to answer many questions surrounding the "missing cookie" in mobile. According to an earlier release, the analytics technology can track phones, behavior, target audiences, and can geo-target. Combining that analytics technology with a RTB platform figures to make life easier for mobile advertisers.

"There is a constant flip-flop between looking into the historic data, trying to apply a model, and then applying that model in real-time." What their new technology hopes to do is to make that entire process faster and simpler.



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