Casale Puts Man Before Machine, Tweaks Automation To Personalize Relationships


Big data is great -- but what if it's wrong? A shift toward too much automation in programmatic buying prompted Casale Media to re-ink its agreement with IgnitionOne to maintain a more personal touch with publisher relationships and monitor the data more closely.

Let the automation support basic steps that consume most of the marketer's time, but allow buyers and sellers to form personal bonds, said Andrew Casale, VP of strategy at Casale Media. A robot will buy media based on data, but if American Airlines gets the chance to buy an ad on Expedia versus some random site, they will. A robot might not have enough information to make that call.

"Approach big data with caution, and monitor consistent patterns of events before trusting it," Casale said. "Did the event happen once last week or 1,000 times consecutively during the past few months? Just because it happened once it doesn't mean the process will repeat in the same way."



Casale Media's Index platform allows IgnitionOne to strike direct deals with publishers, carrying out transactions through real-time bidding. IgnitionOne's data management system capabilities are brought together by technology that tracks user-level behavior and interests to deliver the right message.

Results yielded from the Casale partnership gave IgnitionOne 300% quarter-over-quarter growth in spend by being able to identify and maintain new relationships with publishers in the RTB space. Overall, CPMs post 50% higher than the market average, showcasing that its algorithm seeks out value rather than simply aiming to race prices to the bottom.

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