Oreo Spoof Video Features 'Physicist'

Oreo-machine-AThe latest effort in Oreo's "Cookies Vs. Creme" campaign is a four-minute video showing a "physicist” explaining how he spent "point zero four years" building an "Oreo Separator Machine" in a garage in Portland, Ore.

Why? Because he dislikes creme and prefers the cookie.

The video, featuring a self-described "physicist and copywriter” David Neevel -- actually a copywriter with the Wieden + Kennedy agency --  parodies the style of serious documentaries. 

As he demonstrates the machine (a robot-controlled hatchet), Neevel deadpans lines about the difficulties and sacrifices involved, including not seeing his girlfriend or dog for “hours at a time” and “trying to find a good sandwich in this part of the city.”

Posted two days ago, the video has already drawn more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.



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