Taps TV's 'Extra' To Brand Q&A

Extra-AIn a branding deal expected to run at least until June, and the television show "Extra" will work together, where the hosts use the question-and-answer site in the programming of their content.

The brand integration, an organic way to partner with the TV show's production team, continues to have a positive impact on long-term success. During the show, Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos ask questions to a live audience and find the answers on

Questions range from what "American Idol" contestant sold the most records to what "Friends" role did Jon Cryer audition for.

None of the marketing efforts are meant to produce short-term spikes, but rather mid- to long-term increases in brand awareness, use and loyalty, according to Robbie Waeschenfelder, senior director of marketing at



"We've definitely seen an increase in traffic to our site as a result of working with 'Extra,' " Waeschenfelder said.

"Extra" is a syndicated show, so it airs at various times during the day throughout the country. doesn't necessarily see an uptick at any particular time of day, but does see an overall increase as a result. Waeschenfelder declined to share numbers, but did admit that in terms of payback, the integration pays for itself through increase in business.

The two began working together in 2012. It turned into a natural fit for both users and "Extra" viewers, so the companies picked up again this year and continued to work together.

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