It's All Organic: Social, Paid, Optimization

Woman-pointingSometimes trends don't ultimately amount to much, but keeping one eye on the future helps marketers support paid-search campaigns and optimization strategies on engines and Web sites. A list published Monday provides insight into some of the hot topics for 2013.

From a psychological point of view on cultural changes, the digital marketing and social media agency Room 214 serves up an interesting perspective. They include "You change. You evolve. You improve. Every day," "You are no longer beholden to brands, to limitations, to lack of choice," "You don't need to own what you can borrow," "'You' is not just one – we're all in this together," "You think about the social and environmental implications of the way you live your life," and "You are not content with prepackaged. Instead, you create for yourself."



No surprise here: search campaigns need to connect with consumers, whether paid-search, product listing ads, or search engine optimization. One of the biggest trends across all topics points to being organic. Organic thinking. Organic food. Organic marketing. Organic content.

Many trends on the list of 100 to watch began in 2012, but all should continue through this year, and marketers should make a point of recognizing the nuances to capitalize on search campaigns. For example, the list suggests that hypertargeted cinema will continue to emerge, as movies become niche and marketing becomes personal, driving more people into theaters. It's all made possible through digital technology and satellite distribution methods from screening rooms to movie theaters.

The trend toward things made in the U.S.A. returns, giving hope to the resurgence of manufacturing in the United States. Apparently, it's cool to wear threads made in the States. And American manufacturers are turning more toward denim. As the report suggests, it's a "symbol of American strength, resilience, endurance and iconic style." Big names like Levi’s and Wrangler join newcomers like Not Your Daughter's Jeans or niche brands like Brooklyn Denim Co., and 7 For All Mankind.

One trend that speaks to the shift in marketing to think like an analyst points to the "design-minded MBA." More business-focused universities now offer classes in the arts. Social media also triggered car sharing, room rentals in homes, and community supported restaurants.

For marketers, it's A/B testing everything, ask why and never take anything at face value, look for the brand advocates, never underestimate a good hack, images rule, interactive video promotes adoption, look beyond likes, optimize geo-content, paid social media becomes the newest buzzword, and tech start-ups once again get the big bucks.

Room 214 is making the report available for free until March 15. The social media company only asks that those who get the report for free pay with a Twitter tweet. Interesting stuff.

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