Former comScore VP Joins eXelate As CMO

Khurrum-Malik-AData and analytics engine eXelate will announce Thursday that Khurrum Malik, former comScore vice president of marketing, has joined the company as CMO, responsible for global strategies.

Malik will report to eXelate CEO Mark Zagorski in this newly created position, which seals the company's executive team following its series C funding round that closed in September. He plans to work with brands to increase mobile and tablet consumption as a percentage of traffic, and demand insights from big data rather than raw numbers.

Expanding the use of data insights, eXelate will expand its education to teach marketers about "lookalike modeling." Many have been trained to rely on first-party data, but using third-party data in a similar way can capture new customers.

On Wednesday in a joint partnership, TruSignal and BlueKai said they would add several vertical specific, interest-based lookalike audiences in the BlueKai platform. These lookalike audience segments target high-value consumers in prospecting and branding campaigns.

There are 12 interest-based lookalikes sectors in five segments on the BlueKai Exchange, under the TruSignal section of the Branded Node, which includes Automotive, Financial Services, Lifestyle, Online Games & Quizzes and Travel.

Automation will rewrite the rule book for ad targeting. Malik said marketers need to evolve their thinking beyond finding ways to collect and into funneling through the insights. The tools already exist, but the thought process needs an overhaul to turn the numbers and words into business intelligence. At South by Southwest Interactive, (SXSWi), Todd Morris, EVP brand development at Catalina, said the data doesn't lie and marketers need to learn how to use the insights.

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