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TurboTax Leads Ad Battle This Tax Season

With less than one month before the tax filing deadline, TurboTax tops the list of the most effective tax ads that have debuted during the 2013 tax preparation season, according to Ace Metrix.

TurboTax, which dominates the top ten list with eight ads, is the only tax prep advertiser whose average Ace Score of 532 surpassed the Tax Services category norm of 505.

“Many of the more successful ads released during this tax prep season have focused on differentiation -- showcasing each firm’s unique value proposition,” said David Gordon, Ace Metrix general manager of financial services, in a release. “And while concerns were raised by H&R Block about the attacking nature of some of the TurboTax ads, the hundreds of verbatim responses we received for every ad test revealed very little viewer acknowledgement of these jabs.”

TurboTax’s ads for the 2013 tax season, which began at the end of last year, have messages that resonate across demographic breaks.



The top-ranking ad, “Get What You Deserve,” achieved an Ace Score of 561. TaxSlayer achieved an average Ace Score of 499, having introduced four new ads in the last 90 days with only one appearing in the Top 10 list. H&R Block’s “Figure it Out” achieved an Ace Score of 545, rounding out the Top 10 list. 

H&R Block, which aired 13 new ads in the last quarter, earned an average Ace Score of 495.  Jackson Hewitt earned an average Ace Score of 450 with their five new ads, each of them ranking among the 10 least effective overall during this tax season.  

Privately held Ace Metrix tracks television and video analytics. Through the Ace Metrix LIVE platform, companies can access timely and actionable data, enabling real-time advertising campaign optimization. 

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