Out To Launch

CaribouCoffeeCaribou Coffee launched its first TV spot since 2010 with “Life is more than coffee. That’s why there’s coffee,” an extension of the brand’s long-term tagline, “Life is short. Stay awake for it.” The ad takes place by a peaceful babbling brook, where a family enjoys the company of nature and loved ones. “Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more. Life is diving in heart first…” says a voiceover as kids skim rocks, a couple walks through the brook and a man sips some much-needed coffee as he takes in the surrounding nature. See it here, created by Colle+McVoy.

CloroxSeriously, why wasn’t this invented sooner? Clorox launched a great TV spot showcasing its smart-tube technology for use in its spray cleaners. You could never spray every drop out of a bottle before, but now you can. The ad stars Benjamin Franklin with a table full of inventions, smart-tube technology included. When Franklin shows the bottle off to a pal, the friend’s eagle swoops in and steals the invention, never to be seen again… until now. Watch it here, created by DDB West.



MilanoJust when you think a wife is hitting the sauce before a night out with her husband’s boss, a big twist is revealed: she’s actually enjoying some Milano cookies and milk. Quick tip I learned the hard way: You can’t dunk them in soymilk because they won’t get soggy or mushy. “Dinner” is Milano’s first ad in ten years under its “My Yummy Secret” campaign. When hubby confronts his wife about her pre-dinner actions, she offers him the Milano bag, which he gladly takes. Can you ever really have too many Milanos? I think not. See it here, created by Y&R NYC.

OreoOreo wants cookie lovers to take a Super Important Test and answer what part of the cookie they like best: the creme or the cookie. I think this is an obvious choice. Look no further than the double-stuffed Oreo. There is no wrong answer on the website; once a vote is tallied, viewers are treated to one of 30 videos to celebrate the vote. Videos include an office pool party, where the business attire stays on; a robotic cat; singing cartoon animals, and an excited boy opening a Christmas gift. Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the site.

GotMilkRecently retired football player Hines Ward has partnered with REFUEL | ‘got chocolate milk?’ and is training for this year’s IRONMAN World Championship triathlon this October in Hawaii. Ward stars in a black-and-white TV spot where he climbs stadium stairs, runs and rides a bike, all in a day’s work. He refuels with chocolate milk, which has protein and tastes good, too. It’s also my secret post-run drink. Watch it here, created by Deutsch NY.


FocusDrivenI look forward to the day when we’ll no longer have to run ad campaigns like this one for FocusDriven, which shows the devastating consequences of texting while driving. It should be common-sense knowledge that combining these two actions can only lead to bad things -- but the reality is, both teens and adults are guilty of this, and it needs to stop. Print ads are running in Seventeen and Esquire, along with Car and Driver’s digital issue, coinciding with National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April. Creative, seen here and here, shows candlelight roadside memorials spelling out text words like, OMG, LOL or the smiley-face emoticon: the kind of quick, snippy lingo that can alter your life just as quickly. Team One created the campaign.

CoolWhipA more light-hearted PSA-style ad comes from Cool Whip Whipped Topping. I had no idea the brand dove into the frosting category. This could be bad for my waistline. The ad begins with images deemed difficult for most to see. Is it starving children? No, it’s poorly frosted cakes, ruined by sub-par frosting. A quick solution takes shoppers to the freezer section for Cool Whip whipped frosting that spreads thickly and evenly, and comes in many flavors. Watch it here, created by The Martin Agency.

FarmersInsuranceFarmers Insurance believes “It’s Smarter to Have a Plan,” even when life throws unexpected risks at unexpected times. Professor Nathaniel Burke educates a homeowner on everyday occurrences, like empty boxes curbside make people targets for break-ins, grease fires must be smothered and one in seven drivers is uninsured. Burke gives these tidbits of advice while a trio of dogs bite him. See it here, created by RPA.


SnoozeAppRandom iPhone App of the week: Tap Nation released the Shredder alarm clock, ideal for people who love to hit that snooze button. Here, users have to pay for every snooze they make. To begin with, users receive 70 minutes of snooze time -- but once they’re used, additional minutes can be purchased. And once a user hits the snooze button, a dot-patterned code appears, asking users to draw it. Once you’ve done all that, do you really want to go back to bed? The app is available for free in the App Store.

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