Ketchup Art Marks Condiment Brand's 50th Anniversary

We’ve all heard the term “playing with your food” -- but what about playing with your condiments? And this is no April Fools’ Day joke.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Felix Ketchup, Helsinki-based agency hasan & partners commissioned British pop artist Nathan Wyburn for an experiential and digital campaign that involved people, portraits and an endless supply of ketchup.

Wyburn made a name for himself in 2011 when his portraits of celebrities, made from toast, coffee, sugar, chocolate and toothpaste, gained in popularity. His most popular piece was a portrait of Rupert Murdoch, made from newspaper images of alleged victims of the phone hacking scandal.

From March 14 to 21, Wyburn set up shop in a pop-up studio – seriously, a glass box -- in Helsinki’s Narinkkatori Square, where he painted portraits of passersby with Felix Ketchup. Wyburn also painted pictures of ten lucky Felix Facebook fans each day the shop was up.

Once a portrait was complete, a time-lapsed video of the painting being drawn was uploaded to the subject’s Facebook page. See an example here.

The campaign was promoted online with a YouTube masthead and Facebook logout banner.

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