Out To Launch

NHLIt seems like only yesterday that the NHL season began. Maybe because it was less than three months ago when the season began, thanks to the lockout. NBC and NHL are teaming up to promote the network’s coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs. “First Kiss” shows the physical nervousness felt by hockey players before a big game. The game ends with one team getting first-kiss jitters as each player waits to kiss the Stanley Cup. See it here. “Get Weird” highlights all the wacky rituals and costumes fans wear to games. Out of all the stunts shown, I was familiar with the throwing of squid on the ice at Detroit Red Wings games and the men dressed as the Hanson Brothers from the hockey movie “Slap Shot.” Watch it here. mono created the campaign.



Orkin“To catch a pest, you have to think like a pest,” says an Orkin man, crawling beneath a house that’s infested with termites. Orkin man crawls past a mouse and spider webs to find a leaky pipe, the root of the termite problem. Those pests love damp, dark places. See it here. “Crawlspace” is the first ad in the brand’s “Pest Control Down to a Science” campaign, created by The Richards Group.


GudThis could be the campaign to get me to use Pinterest. Güd, a natural beauty products company, has launched an online video and Pinterest contest to introduce its newest scent, “Red Ruby Groovy.” The concept is simple: describe your perfect morning with photos pinned on Pinterest. The winning Pinterest board will come to life with a $25,000 budget. My ideal morning involves bacon, the beach, Michael C. Hall and Bradley Cooper. Let’s do this! “Pin to Win Your Perfect Good Morning” will mark the second time the brand has made a Pinterest board come to life. The first is seen in the accompanying video where Keri Pfeiffer and her friend were whisked away to Mexico. Everything that happens in the video, aside from the güd product placement, was pinned to Keri’s Pinterest board. See the video here and enter the contest here. Baldwin&, Raleigh created the campaign.

DuxianaDuxiana Interiors, a Swedish manufacturer of high-end mattresses, launched a print campaign targeting the uber-affluent, encouraging them to spring for a new mattress to match their luxe digs. Each person in the ads is wide-awake in the middle of the night. Are they stressed about paying the bills on their loft, mansion and apartment overlooking Central Park? Doubtful, it’s probably just an old mattress to blame. One ad reads: “Tossing and turning is punishment for turning your mattress instead of tossing it.” See the ads here, here and here, created by The Gate New York.

Joes Crab ShackNow this is my kind of ad, where customers eat their meals while wearing a bib. Joe’s Crab Shack launched a TV campaign, shot in Galveston, Texas, that brings the Gulf Coast to each of its diners, despite their not being close to the coast. The ad stars local fishermen who catch and deliver fresh seafood for foodies unafraid of playing with their meal and getting their hands dirty. The voiceover is Roy Blount Jr., a Southern author, humorist and NPR commentator. See the ad here, created by McCann NY.

Partners Mental HealthPartners for Mental Health launched a cinema ad in Canada to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace and give aid to co-workers who need help. A woman enters the work bathroom to hear a fellow co-worker sobbing in a stall. Unsure of what to do, the woman considers knocking on the stall to check on her colleague. Instead, an office intercom informs the company that there’s leftover pizza for the taking, giving this woman a reason to leave the bathroom and do nothing to help the crying woman. “What are we putting before mental health in the workplace?” closes the ad, directing viewers to Watch the ad here, created by Capital C.

Voices And Faces ProjectKinetic Chicago teamed up with The Voices and Faces Project in Chicago to raise awareness about female prostitution and sex trafficking in the greater Chicago area. Every day, more than 16,000 women and girls are prostituted in the greater Chicago area after fleeing abusive homes. Ads placed on recycle bins tell passersby that “human beings are not disposable” and drive them to visit to find out more information and how to help. See the ads here and here.

MazdaWith the crashing waves, dark tunnels, galloping horses and flexible gymnasts, I thought I was inside a Freudian dream, not a car ad. The ad is, in fact, for Mazda 6, which is apparently “Inspired by Motion.” I can’t argue there; I’m surrounded by motion. Watch the ad here, created by Cosmo and produced by B-Reel.



Delta AppRandom iPad App of the week: Delta Air Lines launched its Fly Delta app for the iPad. The app allows users to view maps and social networks while connected to Delta's Wi-Fi-equipped planes. The app also includes travel-planning tools to book a trip, destination guides, flight check-in, an interactive trip map and the "What's Next" feature to help guide customers to the next point in their journey. The free app was created by AKQA. Download it here.

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