AT&T Inks Scanbuy QR Deal, Aids Marketers' Campaigns

Mike-Wehrs-AAT&T joins the ranks of Verizon and Sprint Monday, offering white-label QR services supported by Scanbuy's automatic identification technologies. 

The AT&T Mobile Barcode Services allow marketers to execute campaigns that trigger actions, such as play a video, dial the phone, generate an email, or ask survey questions and post the consumer's Facebook wall.

Marketers will have options to create mobile-optimized landing pages, expand brand awareness with colors and logos unique to a brand, personalize the consumer experience, and real-time reporting of code analytics.

The codes are compatible with nearly any mobile QR application, including the AT&T Code Scanner and Scanbuy's ScanLife application installed on more than 67 million mobile phones worldwide.

Even with augmented reality and near field communications technologies emerging as an alternative to automatic identification, Mike Wehrs, CEO and president at Scanbuy, said not to expect QR codes to disappear any time soon, especially at cost of .0004 cents per tag vs. .50 cents for a NFC tag. Numerous brands have been launching branding and advertising campaigns. Codes are being used to support.

Wehrs said AT&T had perviously offered mobile barcode services with support from another partner.

Companies supporting QR codes have been working to improve services. Earlier this year, ShopSavvy made it easier for mobile device users to scan, share and create QR codes with an iOS 6 update to its reader and scanner app.

Your Tribute, which provides online memorials and funeral-related resources, now offers Digital Memorial Plaque, a living memorial that puts a QR code on a gravestone allowing visitors to share and remember the departed's life story.

Visitors to the physical memorial can scan the QR Code on the headstone to access the person's interactive online memorial and share memories. The memorial Web site will remain online permanently so future generations who view the Digital Memorial Plaque can learn more about the person.

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