Out To Launch

SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 launched a trio of ads just in time for the graduation season. When a flashing photobomber ruins a grad’s moment onstage, mom saves the day by erasing the flasher from the pic she took, leaving just her son receiving his diploma. Now that is one cool function. See it here. More cool functions are displayed at a graduation party, from answering a phone by waving your hand above it, controlling the TV and sharing pictures with fellow Galaxy S4 phones. Watch it here. The final ad makes the phone a selling point for a not-so-tech-savvy dad,  highlighting the phone’s easy mode for those just getting the hang of smartphone technology. See it here. 72andSunny created the campaign.



Adidasadidas Japan K.K wanted to get fans pumped for the final qualifier game for the World Cup, a go big or go home event, by putting fans inside the game. TBWA\HAKUHODO placed an interactive projection on the side of a building 200 meters above ground in Tokyo on game day. Fans could use their smartphones to throw a soccer ball toward the projection of Japan forward Shinji Kagawa, who plays for Manchester United. Just hold on tight to that phone! In the end, Kagawa would receive the ball and shoot it toward the goal. If Kagwa scored a goal, the thrower’s Facebook profile picture was projected onscreen. See how the projection worked here.

SlowDownWinePants are optional in a set of three ads for SLO Down Wines. A vintner offers pairing tips for his red wine. In the first ad, seen here, the wine is paired with a threesome… or foursome. If your idea of equestrianism involves leather chaps, whips, chains and ball gags, pair it with a nice red wine. See it here. The final ad pairs wine with potheads with the munchies. Watch it here. The ads were directed by Baker Smith of Harvest Films and edited by Paul Martinez and Dean Miyahira of Arcade Edit.

UglyTruthI’m voting poop. The Ugly Truth launched a TV spot that explains that chemicals found in dog poop and cat pee are also in cigarettes. Think about that the next time you light up. Passersby in New York were asked which factoid is worse: the poop or pee. Once a vote is rendered, either a giant-sized dog takes a crap or an oversized cat pees in rectangle jars. Which jar will fill up first? I don’t want to stick around to find out. Watch it here, created by Arnold Worldwide. Users can take to Twitter to vote for their grossest fact using the hashtags #votePOOP or #votePEE.

MTVThis is definitely not the “Teen Wolf” I grew up watching. And on a separate note, this would make a great premise for an anti-drug PSA. MTV launched “Hero” to promote the third season of “Teen Wolf,” airing June 3. The spot begins with a teen being held underwater, struggling for air. He tries to break free from his captor’s grasp, but cannot. As the teen’s body floats down, users see the villain’s face and it’s the same face that’s being drowned, that of teen werewolf Scott McCall. Talk about an internal struggle. See it here, created in-house.

VWPassatVolkswagen Passat launched a safety spot called “Lucky Man,” showing just how fast life can change. A man wakes up, kisses his kids, has a bonding breakfast moment with his son and leaves for work in his Passat -- only to be hit by another car as he’s backing out of his driveway. So technically, the accident is the Passat owner’s fault, right? Thankfully, both drivers appear to be OK, especially the Passat owner, who hops out of his car quickly. Watch the ad here, created by Deutsch LA and directed by Matthijs van Heijningen.

CALottoThere are plenty of good-luck charms in this TV spot for The California Lottery Fortune 55 Scratchers. With 55 chances to win, a lot of luck is packed into one scratch-off. The ad begins with a ladybug sitting on a leprechaun’s nose. As the camera pans out, more good-luck symbols are shown, like unicorns, fairies, mermaids, wishbone, and a pot of gold. Turns out the fantasy world of luck all resides in one scratch-off. David&Goliath created the campaign.


PB coPeanut Butter & Co. launched three 15-second commercials airing on the Cooking Channel, ABC Family, Food Network, E!, and TLC. The first ad focuses on the brand’s unique combination of peanut butter flavors -- but emphasizes that the flavors might be good alone but not combined. The same goes with attire, since a tutu does not mesh with armor. See it here. The next ad shows that peanut butter isn’t just for sandwiches but for use on bananas, apples, celery -- and my personal favorite, by the spoonful. I’m glad I’m not the only one. See it here. The final ad depicts peanut butter as an ideal way to begin the day. I approve. Watch it here. Lawler Ballard Van Durand created the campaign, directed by Nicolas Haggard.

FeedieRandom iPhone App of the week: This is one of those apps that you can’t believe nobody thought of sooner. The Lunchbox Fund, a nonprofit organization providing daily meals for orphaned schoolchildren in South Africa, launched Feedie, an app that donates meals when you photograph your meal at a participating restaurant. Everyone uploads a picture of bacon or key lime pie, and now it can be philanthropic. The Lunchbox Fund has partnered with a bevy of New York restaurants for its New York launch, including Whitehall, Del Posto, Sen and The Spotted Pig. Now there is a good reason to photgraph your food and tell the world about it. Tribal New York and MediaMonks created the app. Download the free app here.

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