Aereo Is Not Just For Cord-Cutters

Chet-KanojiaAre cord-cutters most likely to subscribe to Aereo? Not necessarily, according to early returns. CEO Chet Kanojia told investors Thursday that 50% of its customers have a pay-TV subscription.

He also said the service gets its highest viewing levels on Sundays. News is a popular genre, along with sports and awards shows. The bulk of viewership -- 70% -- takes place outside the home, and 65% of its customers are male.

Aereo recently got rid of its trial $1-a-day and $80-a-year offers. Kanojia said uptake was minimal compared to monthly plans. He spoke at a Barclays conference, and his comments came via a report from analyst Anthony DiClemente.  

The company streams live TV online and to iOS devices and desktops, as well as to TV sets via Roku and Apple TV. It also offers DVR functionality. Android devices will be compatible soon, Kanojia said.

The service is in New York and Boston and coming to Atlanta next month. The company does not release subscriber numbers. Entities linked with the Big Four broadcasters are suing it for copyright infringement, while charging that it deprives them of advertising and retrans consent dollars.

Kanojia was asked about broadcast networks shifting to cable in response to Aereo depriving it of retrans consent fees. He said if they do, other programmers could claim their valuable spectrum.

Kanojia did not seem fazed by broadcaster efforts to roll out their own versions of live streaming of their stations, saying they are pro-consumer. He said that even with Bloomberg on its system, it is not looking to build a cable-like bundle of channels.

Aereo might license its technology to a distributor, he said, allowing them to skirt retrans payments, but only if consumers would benefit.



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  1. Edmund Singleton from Winstion Communications, May 25, 2013 at 5:15 a.m.

    So far so good...

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