Out To Launch

mcdonaldsMcDonald's launched a TV spot during the NBA finals showing LeBron James taking a stand… and declaring Chicken McNuggets as the greatest of all time. This sends fans into a frenzy. I mean really, hasn’t LeBron tried the McRib? Don’t quit your day job. Fans discuss LeBron’s decision 2.0 with co-workers, friends, their cab driver or anyone else willing to listen. Most disagree with LeBron and name their favorite McDonald’s treat instead. Watch “Ripple Effect” here, created by Arnold Worldwide.

molsonIs there a Canadian in the house? Molson Canadian resurrected its old tagline, "I am Canadian," by placing a beer refrigerator in foreign countries, like Belgium, England and France. Naturally, there was a catch. The fridge wouldn’t open unless a Canadian passport was scanned. This was no easy task, especially in rural areas, but a Canadian was found, his passport scanned and an impromptu party broke out among strangers. “Here’s to being proud of where you’re from” closes the video, seen here and created by Rethink. Jonty Toosey of Partners Film directed the video.



newyorklottoThe New York Lottery launched a cheeky TV spot to promote its scratch-off game, Three Million. In it, parents sit down and have a serious discussion with their adult children. It sounds like the topic will be Mom and Dad’s sex life, but it turns out the parents became unplanned millionaires by playing the Three Million scratch-off game. Watch “Breaking the News” here, created by DDB New York.

fiatWhat would happen if the Italians had invaded America, rather than the British? An ad for the Fiat 500L imagines this scenario – and, according to one woman, “this is gonna be so much better than the Tea Party.” Indeed, when Paul Revere changes his observation and informs the townspeople that the Italians are coming, clothes are removed, women let their hair down, teacups are replaced with espresso cups, and the pub is renamed a club. See it here, created by Doner.

cedarpointRoller coaster fans, this one’s for you. Ever wonder what your face looks like when you’re riding a fast, upside-down roller coaster? Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago answers that question in a TV ad for Cedar Point amusement park. “Faces” actually gets tongue-in-cheek here, by illustrating what happens to your tongue and cheeks when riding a Cedar Point roller coaster. The ad is running throughout the summer in the U.S. and Canada. See it here.

marriotJW Marriott launched a print campaign targeting “The Accomplished.” I guess affluent isn’t good enough? The accomplished denotes affluent business travelers who want a luxurious experience with some physical and mental “space.” All right. One ad features a photo from the JW Marriott Hotel Ankara in Turkey, which offers a 1,500-year-old spa experience, and a pitcher of lemonade that is removed from the picture, to show the brand’s attention to detail, I’m assuming. Another ad from the JW Marriott Hotel Cusco shows the property from a dining room window, and fresh fish that was caught and prepared for dinner. The campaign is running in Conde Nast Traveler, Dwell, Architectural Digest, Saveur and ARTnews. See the ads here and here, created by Team One.

macysMacy's launched its first crowd-sourced commercial by asking consumers to submit what they love about America. There’s video of baseball, hot dogs, views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, The St. Louis Arch, The Statue of Liberty, roaming buffalo and cute kids. But no apple pie? See it here.

viggleThere’s nothing exciting in this TV ad, but if you asked me to explain Viggle, I could. Essentially, the free app allows you to earn points while watching TV. The more points you earn, the better the rewards are, ranging from gift cards to tablets. The ad, seen here, is running on cable during prime time. MAUDE created the campaign.

adgiraffeRandom iPhone App of the week: This might be a random app first; it’s work-related, not a fun time sucker. Telmar Group launched the AD Giraffe app for the iPhone and iPad, which helps advertisers and ad agencies reach their desired consumer audience. The app costs $9.99, but current users of Telmar’s eTelmar platform can use the app for free. Geared toward media planners, AD Giraffe lets users access stored demographics or input their own consumer market, audience and cost data from media vendors, research suppliers and media exchanges. The app also shows results of switching money or advertisements from one medium to another. Download it here.

And here’s my favorite James Gandolfini ad, from 2004 for Kobold watches.

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