Airlines Fall Short On Reliability

The major airlines score well for appeal and loyalty, but fall short on reliability and trustworthiness, according to a survey from E-Score.

Consumers rank Virgin America the most appealing. JetBlue has the greatest consumer loyalty and Southwest is judged to be the most family-friendly.

E-Score surveyed 1,100 persons with general representation across income, age, education and geographic demographics to represent a cross-section of the U.S. population. Participants only were allowed to respond for airlines they have previously flown.

Loyalty indicates a willingness to fly on the airline again; reliable, trustworthy, practical and family-friendly percentages are from a list of attributes that respondents are asked to select to describe each brand.

Percentages were given for the number of customers who liked, disliked, indicated loyalty, thought they were reliable, trustworthy, practical and family-friendly

Virgin America scored 78% liked, 6% disliked, 58% loyalty, 28% reliable, 23% trustworthy, 17% practical and 10% family-friendly.



JetBlue scored 77% liked, 3% disliked, 65% loyalty, 29% reliable, 17% trustworthy, 41% practical and 23% family-friendly.

Southwest scored 72% liked, 6% disliked, 63% loyalty, 44% reliable, 26% trustworthy, 41% practical and 31% family-friendly.

Delta Airlines scored 46% liked, 15% disliked, 43% loyalty, 26% reliable, 14% trustworthy, 21% practical and 18% family-friendly.

American Airlines scored 41% liked, 20% disliked, 36% loyalty, 18% reliable, 13% trustworthy, 15% practical and 15% family-friendly.

United Airlines scored 37% liked, 24% disliked, 31% loyalty, 19% reliable, 10% trustworthy, 16% practical and 16% family-friendly.

The industry average was 59% liked, 12% disliked, 49% loyalty, 27% reliable, 17% trustworthy, 25% practical and 19% family-friendly.

"While only a handful of consumers feel the airlines are reliable and trustworthy, the higher scores for appeal would seem to indicate a price and convenience sensitivity," said Gerry Philpott, president of E-Poll Market Research. "Similarly, the survey suggests the relatively solid loyalty scores for Virgin, JetBlue and Southwest are reflective of consumers not being nickel-and-dimed for things like bags and meals."

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