Beardvertising -- It's A Real Thing

There’s never a shortage of atypical advertising, with outdoor ads that smell like steak; a billboard made from plants; using the sun to convey a brand message; or wearing tweets on jeans.

Adding to the latest advertising craze is Beardvertising: real native advertising, or when miniature billboards are clipped to men’s beards.

Cornett-IMS, the agency that invented beardvertising, prefers to call the mini billboards “BeardBoards.”

Bearded men can visit the Beardvertising site to sign up and become an actual mobile billboard. To date, close to 1,500 men worldwide are participating. “Most of these guys are located in the United States, but we've had guys from all around the world sign up. It's been a big hit in the U.K.,” said Whit Hiller, of Cornett-IMS.

Fellas, don’t quit your day job just yet. Guys are paid $5 a day to beardvertise -- and posting proof online, like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, is a plus. See some examples here,here and here.

“The inspiration for Beardvertising came from a fun little Reddit experiment that myself and my co-workers at Cornett -- Kris Ange and Jason Kaufman -- made, called the 'Beard Squirrel,’” continued Hiller. Check it out here.

So far, three brands have signed up for beardvertising: Dollar Shave Club, A&W Restaurants and Eagle One Automotive Appearance Products.

The most recent campaign was Dollar Shave Club, which ran a four-day campaign.

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