NEW! GEICO Ponders Navel In Sundance Campaign

GEICOHow do agencies come up with the ideas for the popular ads we watch on TV regularly? The Sundance Channel teamed up with GEICO to create branded vignettes to coincide with the television launch of “The Writers’ Room.” The roundtable talk show is hosted by Jim Rash, who interviews TV show writers about their smartest plot moves and worst mistakes. Guests include writers from “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” “Dexter,” “American Horror Story,” “Parks and Recreation” and “The New Girl.” GEICO’s “In the Room With” vignettes feature the creative teams behind GEICO’s memorable commercials. Shot at The Martin Agency in Virginia, each vignette gives viewers a look at the strategy and creative process that led to GEICO’s “Good News” and “Maxwell the Pig” spots. The vignettes launched during the premiere of “The Writers’ Room” on July 29. Watch “Good News” here, created by Horizon Media.
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