Definitive Technology Links With Legend

As a brand that already appeals to audiophiles, Definitive Technology has signed one of the top audiophiles in the country to promote its products this fall. 

Singer/songwriter John Legend will appear in advertising and other promotional avenues promoting the brand throughout the fall. Bringing Legend to the fore was spurred by the star’s own use of the product in his home, according to the company.

“We’re a premium brand that’s has long been selling to aficionados, and we knew that John was one of those aficionados,” Michael DiTullo, Definitive Technology’s chief design officer, tells Marketing Daily. “He’s a musician’s musician. He cares about precise sound and is well-respected among musicians.”



Legend and Definitive Technologies also have strong philanthropic streaks, which also helped the star and company connect, DiTullo says. “We support a lot of children’s programs and music and arts programs,” he says. “That’s one of the things we connected on.”

Legend will promote the brand by appearing in a national advertising campaign and on in-store displays this fall. His latest release, which launches in September, will also figure into the brand’s marketing plans, DiTullo says. 

“To really understand our products you need to hear them. We’ll be featuring his music in-stores to sample,” he says. “We’ll also be looking to partner with him elsewhere, sponsoring concerts, online events and using his social network.” 

Ultimately, the company is hoping a notable and recognizable personality like Legend will help broaden the brand’s appeal, DiTullo says. “We want to appeal to as many people as possible, and think John can do that,” he says. “We appeal to the aficionado, but one of the things that’s special about John is that he appeals to everyone.”

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