Double Digit Rev And Profit Gains For Sapient

Marketing and technology firm Sapient posted a 13% gain in revenue for the second quarter to $314 million. Net income soared 65% to $23.3 million.

Most of the company’s revenue came from its digital ad shop SapientNitro, which delivered a 10% revenue gain to $213 million.

The company said that it expected third quarter revenue to total between $318 million and $325 million for a minimum 10% gain over the prior year quarter.

Given that the company’s revenues are driven by a digital agency it’s no surprise that top-of-mind questions during a conference call with analysts and investors focused on the impact that the proposed Publicis Omnicom merger might have on the company.

And CEO Alan Herrick was ready with answers.  “Large companies getting much larger doesn’t bode well for agility, innovation and speed,” Herrick said of the merger.

And it’s those qualities that draw clients to Sapient, Herrick added. If there’s any impact at all, said Herrick, it’s probably positive. “If clients [of Publicis and Omnicom] get more disenfranchised we’d be glad to take advantage of that,” he said.



Herrick added that there could be some “net opportunities,” on the talent side as well to the extent that the merger doesn’t play well with staffers.

“We represent where the world is going,” Herrick said of the company’s digital focus. 

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