Leo Burnett Creates Social Platform For U.N.

Leo Burnett and the United Nations have teamed with pop diva Beyoncé and sponsors such as Intel, Gucci and Western Union for a unique new multimedia campaign aimed at raising money to ease the plight of victims of humanitarian crises around the world.

It’s called “The World Needs More…” and utilizes social media to enable companies and brands to sponsor words that describe what the world could use more (love, peace, tolerance etc.). Leo Burnett has created a philanthropy platform that allows people to boost sponsor donations by sharing selected words as hashtags via social media and SMS. That part of the campaign extends through Sept. 22.

The platform, along with videos and other details about the campaign can be seen here.



“It is clear that the world needs more #Humanity,” stated UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos. “This campaign is a chance to [facilitate] that.”

The official kickoff was yesterday, Aug. 19, which has been designated World Humanitarian Day. In addition to the social media and philanthropic platforms a nationwide print campaign is in the works along with campaign videos featuring Beyoncé, spokeswoman for the effort.

To generate global awareness the agency is launching hot air balloons from Los Angles eastward to Africa and on to Australia that spell out some of the sponsored words that participants can hashtag.

Organizers said the new word “marketplace” will be an ongoing effort to harness the power of social media for the UN. 

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