Samsung Gains As Kindle Fire Cools

Apple still dominates, but Samsung is making gains in the tablet market and the Kindle Fire is dying down.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab jumped 5.8 percentage points year-over-year while Kindle Fire lost 11.4 share points, according to the latest MobileSTAT reports from Jumptap, the mobile advertising platform of more than 218 million U.S. consumers. 

Google's year-old Nexus tablet is now on the radar with 2.3%, while the Barnes & Noble Nook registers a mere blip at 1.2%. 

Putting it all in context however, the Apple iPad continues to rule with a 70% share of total mobile traffic, based on Jumptap's research. 

The iPhone continues to grow as top smart device, increasing share by 9.6 percentage points year-over-year. The iPod Touch, however, has lost a significant 10.1 percentage points of share -- signaling that consumers are seeing less value in a smart device that cannot make phone calls, according to Jumptap. 



On Friday, Samsung introduces in the U.S. market its Galaxy Mega, a hybrid phone/tablet with a jumbo screen.

Apple is expected to ship two new iPhones in September.

Amazon, meanwhile, is selling from its home page “certified refurbished” 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablets marked down from $239 to $179. It's a Deal of the Day. 

Meanwhile, despite predictions of their demise, apps continue to be strong. According to ad requests on the Jumptap platform, 84% of mobile traffic now comes from apps rather than mobile Web sites. Two years ago, the split was roughly 50/50.

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