Tecate Challenges Consumers' Manhood

Tecate is asking men across the U.S. whether they’re “hombre” enough to drink the Mexican beer, providing challenges where men ages 21 and over can prove their possession of sufficient cojones.  The experiential marketing campaign, which includes online and offline elements, was created by Tecate in partnership with Hispanic digital media company Terra.

In the offline portion of the campaign, the bilingual female journalists from Terra’s online sports channel, Deportadas.tv, will visit boxing matches and soccer games around the country. They will challenge individuals to demonstrate their manliness through various feats of strength, endurance, and wit.

In the online portion, photos and video of the responses will appear on a dedicated microsite, www.terra.com/tecate_challenge, where viewers will be invited to vote for the manliest participants. The winner (and a randomly selected voter) will be eligible for a free trip to a major sporting event.



There is also an “Are You Hombre Enough?” app developed by MSN for Tecate’s Facbeook page, where visitors 21 and up can put their manliness up to the test with a series of questions (e.g., “What should you do when your girlfriend asks you to wear matching outfits?”). Users then receive an “hombre score” and can share the challenge with their friends. High-scoring players can win up to $3,000 in cash and gift certificates.

The “Are You Hombre Enough?” challenge builds on the theme of an existing (though apparently contradictory) Tecate campaign, “Es Facil Ser Hombre,” or “It’s Easy to Be a Man.”  

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