New CineSport Website Puts Spotlight on Local Reporting

CineSport, the big online producer and distributor of custom sports video features on many big-city newspapers sites usually featuring their reporters today is launching that attempts to take national its local approach to sports video, and package it in one place.

The video service says it creates over 1,200 pieces of original content per month. Last month those videos generated seven million unique views according to comScore stats.

For sports fans on an NFL Monday, for example, the CineSport site serves as a kind of large collection of local sports reporter post mortems and a pastiche of other local football features. 

CineSport’s  VaMP publishing platform can deliver the site’s  video on all types of devices and distribute to social media.

VaMP is already being used by CineSport’s publishing partners to place video on their sites.

Simultatneous to the official launch of the site, CineSport is also ramping up its social presence on Facebook and Twitter, which CineSport supposes will also drive traffic back to its publishing partners’ Websites.

Those includes sites operated by or for  The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News and, Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Altogether, it says it serves over 100 newspaper sites.

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